RARE provides custom tailored solutions for the independent music community.

Artist & Label Services

Release campaign management from start to finish, all while you maintain ownership.

- Full Record Release Campaign Management
- In-house label services team
- Digital & Physical Distribution
- Manufacturing Support
- Release and Marketing Strategy
- Transparent Accounting & Updates


From launching a business to the challenges of growth, RARE provides support for record labels, artists, and the independent music industry.

- Launch
- HR / Payroll
- Identify and Collect New/Missing Income Streams
- Financial Management
- Bookkeeping/Taxes
- Royalty Accounting
- Health Benefits

A pioneering new venture born from Rhyme & Reason Records, Rhyme & Reason Etcetera (RARE) takes our capacity to foster great music and extends it to other independent labels, as well as artists, innovators, and creators of all stripes.

With RARE, we are expanding the traditional label model and taking it into new terrain. These days, everyone’s expected to be an entrepreneur. The obstacles are daunting: corporate structuring, royalty accounting, record release campaigns, taxes, contracts, licensing, etcetera.

That’s where we come in. You handle the creativity. We handle the etcetera. We help you go part-time to full-time, small batch to large scale, passion to profession.